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The mission of Higham St. Johns is to ensure that every child has access to early childhood education, from preschool to kindergarten.


Our aim is prepare kids for elementary education and onwards. We provide childcare services to help kids develop the skills they’ll find handy later on in life.

Higham St. Johns


Every encounter and experience in a child’s life presents an opportunity to learn. Children learn with all their six senses: doing, seeing, feeling, hearing, tasting, and smelling. They also learn from playing, talking, and laughing with other children, and everyone else they interact with.

The places your children visit also present them with a learning opportunity.

We offer early childhood education for the range of benefits it offers. Children, including their communities and families, benefit from preschool and kindergarten education. We advocate for interaction with peers, kind treatment from educators and parents, and no pressure to learn.

We also advocate for children to learn for a short time on a daily basis to make the most of their learning opportunities.

About Higham St. Johns

Preschool and kindergarten education gives your child a head start before joining the school. Higham St. Johns provides preschool and kindergarten schooling to young kids.

Research studies indicate that early childhood education is a great way to assist your kids to develop emotional, social, and cognitive skills in preparation for elementary schooling and beyond.  

Early childhood education doesn’t just benefit your kids now, but also in the future.

At HighamSt. Johns, we help your children develop good habits. We engage them in daily routines to help them feel secure and safe. We also teach them healthy habits such as washing their hands and brushing their teeth.

Children become settled, calm and develop healthy sleeping habits when they know what to expect each day. They begin to take control of their day-to-day activities such as packing their school bag and getting dressed, over time.

With the childcare services we offer, your kids get into a good routine over time. Our educators teach your children the skills they need to develop and apply as they grow. They also utilize various techniques to help your kids develop skills in an environment that’s structured and safe.

We prepare your children for kindergarten, atop making your life back home easier. As a result, you don’t spend lots of time getting your kids to cooperate. Instead, you enjoy spending time with each other every time you’re together.

Our educators also teach numeracy and literacy skills to your children. Numeracy and literacy skills are more than writing, reading, and counting, but the foundation of your kids’ education.

We discuss pictures, listen to stories, and draw various shapes on paper as part of developing literacy skills. We pour sand into containers of varying sizes, play music, and sing to develop numeracy skills.

With the numeracy and literacy skills taught, your kids will achieve academic success as they advance the education ladder. According to studies, kids who undergo childcare for at least 3 years perform better on numeracy and literacy tests done later in year 4.

Based on the same studies, attending preschool for 18 months can help your children develop greater numeracy and literacy skills at the age of 11. This is greater than what they’ll learn for six years in elementary school.

Higham St. Johns educators also focus on helping your child develop emotional resilience. Children get a chance to develop social skills through childcare during preschool and kindergarten schooling. They mingle with other children and develop healthy relationships with them.

We also give your kids an opportunity to share, listen to others, take turns in doing things, communicate their ideas, and develop independence as they get along with other children. Your kids will use the skills developed at this stage later in life to develop friendships bound to define their sense of identity.

The skills will also shape their future.

Studies reveal that kids aged 2 to 3 who attend childcare develop attentive skills, enabling them to handle their emotions when they begin school. Parents, according to the studies, also benefit in terms of emotional, social, and financial rewards.

When you take your child to preschool and attend school activities, you also get an opportunity to meet other parents with whom you can develop lasting relationships.

Preschool and kindergarten schooling ensures your kids will enjoy a successful future.

When you take your child to preschool and attend school activities, you also get an opportunity to meet other parents with whom you can develop lasting relationships.

Preschool and kindergarten schooling ensures your kids will enjoy a successful future. Studies show that children can gain lifetime benefits from early childhood education. Adults who had a similar education at early age graduated from university and enjoy continuous employment.

The skills your child develops during their early life impact their emotional, social, and academic success later in life. According to studies, kids who don’t attend preschool have a 50% likelihood of beginning school with a vulnerability associated with development.

We also ensure that your kids develop a lifelong love for learning. While you focus on your work, we take care of your kids’ safety and inspire a love for lifelong learning in them.

With the cognitive and social experiences gained, children develop a positive attitude towards learning and become independent. They need the skills to settle into elementary school when the time comes and drive success in academics.

Higham St. Johns offers high-quality early childhood education for your children. Our schooling environment is caring, fun, safe and secure, and supportive for kinds of kids.